Longest Total Eclipse of the Century: Did you see it Slopeside?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 21, 2009 10:26 pm

The naked eye’s chance to witness history could be just minutes or a few hours away.  Today, the longest total eclipse of the 21st century comes to life. 

At dawn, the first spectators gazed up at the heavens throughout the western coast of India.  The eclipse passed over Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, continuing on it’s easterly path along China’s Yangtze River Valley.

Today, the longest total eclipse of our lifetimes, graces our view of the universe above.  If you could be anywhere in the world to watch this delight, where would you choose? 

Will you be watching from the mountains?  Maybe you’re from India or China and have already seen the total eclipse — were you in the far away mountains of India or China when this splendor occured? 

If you have a photograph, while mountainside, of this legendary event, please share it and your story with us.  Please email your photo and story to interns@theskichannel.com.  The Ski Channel will then share your moment with The Ski Channel community.