Roger Goodell to Meet Michael Vick on the Chairlift

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on July 21, 2009 5:02 pm

Will he or won’t he?  The reinstatement question of Michael Vick should soon be answered by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Knowing that Goodell is an avid skier, perhaps the Commish and Mike Vick could hash out the decision all the NFL world awaits while riding one of these chairlifts open for rides during the summer:

Grand Targhee’s Dreamcatcher.  The name of the lift says it all, as Targhee’s Dreamcatcher rises to the 10,000 ft summit of Fred’s Mountain.  Goodell and the onetime DreamPasser riding the Dreamcatcher!

Camden Snow Bowl‘s Chair.  An old-school double-chair will keep Vick and the Commish in close quarters.  No room for lawyers or hanger-on types.  Just Vick and Goodell, working out a solution.

Beaver Creek’s Centennial Express.  We know NFL players are paid handsomely, as is its commissioner at $6.5 million.  Beaver Creek is a first class resort completely.  Total service, and its motto of “not exactly roughing it” would work perfectly for wealthy NFLers looking for a little pampering.

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