Top 10 Punishments for the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Bandits

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 21, 2009 1:52 am

This past Saturday Night, 3 numnuts, robbed a ski and snowboard camp in Whister.  The following are the top 10 punishments for these fartknockers.


10)  Let them clean Bode’s RV everyday for a month.

9)  Make them all buy new skis and ski terrain with very little coverage for a week.

8)  Make em keep up with Glen Plake for a Day.  Meet a real rebel wusbergers!

7)  HIke up, chairlift down.

6)  Stick them in the pipe with racing skis.

5)  Stick them in the pipe with 210′s.

4)  Stick them in the pipe with telemark skis.

3)  Make them all hang the Lange Girl poster in their bedrooms from the year Monical Lewinski won.

2)  Make them spend a couple hours riding the wooden roller coaster turned “Cool Runnings” Bobsled team contraption that goes about 60MPH.

1)  Make them skip this ski season!