Zac Efron Bungee Jumps at Whistler

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 21, 2009 4:01 pm


Tween-king Zac Efron has been giving the girls in Vancouver something to scream about lately, as he’s on location filming his new flick, “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.” But yesterday, Efron got to scream himself, as he went bungee jumping at nearby ski super-resort, Whistler Backcomb Mountain.

In addition to hosting the superstar and his friends for bungee jumping, Whistler is also preparing to be the official alpine skiing venue for the 2010 Olympic Games.  Efron is starring as the title character in the movie, and it is set to be released next year.  Whistler employees said that Efron was “very confident” before his jump and he “really loved” it.