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Sending out an S-O-S for the SuperBabes-Of-Snow.  Our hearts cry out for your affection.  In no way our we minimizing your on-hill accomplishments by admiring that which lies hidden beneath your cold weather gear.  

The fascination stems from an appreciation of what is rare.  We treasure rare coins, rare cars, rare feats of athletic brilliance.  That which is rare fascinates us.  Mathematically speaking, there are few phenomena more rare than a beautiful lady whose skills on the mountain surpass the boys.  Ladies who motor so fast, you can’t even catch up to them to try out your new techniques gleaned from The Game.

Hey, we are modern men, comfortable with you kicking our asses all the way down the mountain, on one plank or two.  Yes, she’s hot, and she’s gone!  You’d catch her if you could.  But, you can’t.    They are the SuperBabes of Snow.

After enjoying these sultry sirens of snow, check out the Celebrity Babes of Snow and see which list of ladies you’d rather take a few runs with…









Sarah Burke

Whistler local, by way of Midland, Ontairo.  This freestyle skier can land a 720, 900 and 1080 in competition.  Warren Miller and Matchstick both regularly throw her name up on the marquee and her effortless tricks onto the big screen.

There’s no crying in skiing In 2003, Burke tore her right MCL while taking on the boys in the U.S. Open Big Air.  A week later she shredded her meniscus in the other knee.   She still went on to win four of five contests she entered that season.


Kristi Leskinen

Pennsylvania’s own Kristi Leskinen is currently showing off her wide-ranging athletic talents (and abs) on ABC’s The Superstars.  She’s the modern day version of Bo Jackson and those Nike commercials.  Bo don’t surf, but Leskinen does, and she skydives, bungee jumps, and rides dirt bikes.  For a time, Leskinen was on track to become a professional wakeboarder, but a chance encounter with Jonny Moseley saved one for our side.  Good lookin’ out, Jonny.

Flip ya for real!  Kristi was the first lady to land a rodeo 720, two rotations while upside down.  And the last time you went invert, Tough Guy?


Lynsey Dyer

Not only is Jackson Hole‘s Lynsey Dyer a big mountain superstar, she digs Tom Petty!   A gold medal Junior Olympic downhiller, Dyer shot to fame on the cover of Freeskier magazine, hucking a 65-foot cliff called, appropriately, Fat Bastard.  The skinny lady stomped the fat bastard, nailing the landing and skiing off into ski infamy forever.  

Beware the TV dinner.  The Ski Channel was on location with Dyer in Japan when she wrecked, a ski tip gashing her eyelid.  Of course our cameras were there for the gruesome threading of the stitches!
















Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is the light bulb of American skiing, and arguably the most recognizable skier after Hermann Maier to ever race the World Cup. Incredibly talented as an athlete, she is the most successful female skier in U.S. history. Vonn is already the winner of four World Championship medals, and a real threat to pull five medals out of the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympic Games. She is also so startlingly telegenic, graceful, charming, and utterly competitive that she makes the world feel good about her beating its ass. Did we throw in there that she is stunningly beautiful? Already the women’s magazines are calling RR Donnelly to add more paper because every one of them has a Lindsey Vonn story. Going to be a Vonn year!



Torah Bright

She’s on billboards, in magazines, and on screen.  Miss Bright is one of the most photographed snowboarders in the world.  On the cover of a cereal box may be in her future as this two-time X Games gold medalist is a favorite at the upcoming Vancouver Olympics.

She comes from the land down under.  Yep, where women glow and the men plunder.  Torah Bright does indeed glow in her new clothing line for Roxy, the “Bright Series.”


Lindsey Jacobellis

One of the most dominant athletes in snowsports, Lindsey Jacobellis has pretty much owned the rough and tumble snowboardercross competition. A Stratton Mountain shredde

r, she began racing hard knocks snowboard at the age of 11, and has since won the World Cup Title, two World Titles and X Games gold. Though her famed fall after a little showboating cost her the gold at Torino, Jacobellis still came home with silver, and is even hungrier this year. She is the face and hair of Paul Mitchell.


Gretchen Bleiler

An Olympic silver medalist in 2006, Bleiler has become the unofficial mayor of Aspen, beloved by all for her tremendous warmth and kindness.  Her million dollar smile was on display while winning the ESPY for Women’s Action Sports Athlete of the Year and three Winter X Games gold medals.

Evil trick, angel lady.  Bleiler ushered in the invert revolution in women’s snowboarding with the Crippler 540, a decidedly evil sounding trick made famous by an angel of a snowboarder.


Julia Mancuso

U.S. Ski Team member Julia Mancuso competed in her first World Cup before she could legally drive.  Her resume now includes four World Cup victories, three medals at the World Championships, and an Olympic gold medal in giant slalom at the 2006 Winter Olympics.  When Lange decided to resurrect its famous Lange girl posters of the 1970s, the ski boot maker chose Mancuso, aka Super Jules, for its first-ever “Lange Girl Athlete.”

A chance to dance with Julia.  In 2006 Squaw Valley celebrated Mancuso’s gold medal, the first for a ski racer from Lake Tahoe, by renaming Exhibition to “Julia’s Gold.”  


Hannah Teter

As the 2006 Olympic halfpipe gold medalist at the Winter Games in Torino, Hannah Teter has been a regular featured athlete at the X Games, Gravity Games and U.S. Open since then. As focused off the slope with charitable causes as she is on snow winning consistently, Teter also starred in First Descent with Shaun White and Terje Haakonsen. Perhaps more telling to her level of fame, Ben & Jerry’s recently named an ice cream after her, Hannah Teter’s Maple Blondie.


Ashleigh McIvor 






The 2010 Olympics will be a homecoming for Whistler native Ashleigh McIvor.  Ski Cross makes its Olympic debut next year, and McIvor will be one of the favorites.  The former alpine racer captured the gold medal at the world championships in Inawashiro, Japan this past season, and finished third in the overall ski cross standings.



















Lara Gut

It’s now OK to look at Swiss speed-skier Lara Gut.  In April she turned 18, Kip Winger be damned!  In December of 2008 at St. Moritz, Gut became the youngest skier ever to win a World Cup Super G race.

Crash and almost win.  A year prior at St. Moritz, Gut notched her first podium, all the more remarkable because she fell and slid down the last pitch, crossing the finish line on her back, only 0.35 seconds off the winning time.


Ingrid Backstrom

One of the most filmed female skiers in the business being featured in Matchstick and Warren Miller flicks, Backstrom is clearly one of the best big mountain skiers our world has to offer and clearly one of the most sought after by brands in the space. She is the “it” girl with big sponsors like The North Face pushing her face out there 24/7. 


Jenn Berg

She’s a big mountain skier with big-time good looks.  She’s been skiing since the age of 4, and has been competing in the Big Mountain competitions since she finished high school.  She has won the US National Freeskiing Championships and had a third place finish at the World Championships in Alaska.  Now, she is more focuses on shooting and being in films, and it shows, as she has starred in the last five Warren Miller films.  


Charlotte Moats

A Vermont native, Moats has won the 24 Hours of Aspen and the New Zealand Heli Challenge.  In Aspen, she skied 74 runs top-to-bottom in one day, and she is one of the best big mountain skiers in the world.  She now lives in Jackson Hole, and trains three hours a day, 5-6 days a week.  Judging from the picture, her hard work has definitely paid off. 









Hilaree Nelson O’Neill

She only started skiing competitively in her 20′s, but she has turned out to be a big-mountain, backcountry skiing mountaineer.  O’Neill is an amazing climber, as well as skier, which both take her to some awesome spots all over the world.  She’s been featured in Warren Miller Films, had a national ad campaign for The North Face, and also was in the NBC adventure series, The North Face’s “Descending India.”  

We’ve had our say, now have your’s!  Who’d we leave off?  Sound off now or forever hold your… yes, peace.


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