The Awesomeness of Cody Marshall and the U.S. Ski Team

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 22, 2009 9:27 pm

 As most of the world knows, Cody fell last week and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I wanted to  take a moment to share about how amazing Cody, his family, and our awesome, awesome U.S.  Ski Team athletes are.

 Cody: The dude is so strong. He’s fighting like you wouldn’t believe; seriously pulling off super-  heroic feats. He continues to improve every day.

 I met Cody a year ago, and though I don’t know him as well as his old friends, he’s still had a  huge impact on my life. One thing he’s always talked about is how much he loves life, and living  it up. Even just two weeks ago he was talking about that—how he wanted to make the most of his  summer and his life in general. To always have fun and do what he loves…

 So in his true, life-loving style, he’s hammering and being so strong, healing by the minute.

 Cody’s family: They are so gracious and open. Cody has been receiving a steady stream of visitors, and his family has been welcoming and kind to everyone. Their  blog ( updates the world on Cody’s status, and provides definitions  of his treatments, so that everyone can follow his progress.

The U.S. Ski Team: Everyone sees these athletes on T.V., shredding gates at World Cups, or the Olympics. But Cody’s teammates are such solid people; way bigger and better than what you see on T.V.

Our athletes have been visiting Cody daily—at all hours, sometimes even just sitting in the hallway when they can’t go in to see him. They’re real people, real heroes, just like Cody. They’re holding it down for him, and ‘keeping it up.’


There’s so much to say, yet it’s hard to say much more, but please continue to send positive, healing thoughts to Cody, and when you see our U.S. Ski Team members on T.V. at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, give them an extra fist pump.