Angelina Jolie Hits Iraq to Help Displaced Familes

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 23, 2009 11:57 pm

Minus childcare partner Brad Pitt and fresh off her $1,000,000 donation to Pakistanis displaced by the war with the Taliban, Angelina Jolie ventured to Iraq to help displaced people there.  Is this girl going to run for office?  Is Mammoth Mountain going to lose here to volunteer work?  She is the whole package.  But we hope she has time to ski some of the ski resorts this upcoming year.

The girl is really starting to endear herself to a whole new group of people above and beyond people who love lara Croft.

There are currently about 3 million people who are displaced within the country and 1.5 million outside the country.

Once again skiiers make the world a better place1