India Refutes Global Warming as a Claim of Western Media

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on July 24, 2009 1:18 pm

We ski, therefore we care about the global warming debate.  Shortened seasons are a financial disaster for the more than 480 ski areas in the U.S. and the communities that rest on their local ski area’s economy.  Recent meetings at the G8 had led to much optimism about an agreement on carbon emissions at the next UN conference in Copenhagen this December.

Action to curb global warming has come down to a division between the haves and have-nots, rich versus poor nations.  Yes, the G8 agreed on targets for cutting emissions, but without the cooperation of non-G8 countries, specifically India and China, any hope for cutting emissions is doomed.  Who foots the bill for the high costs of a global energy transition is the main crux of the dispute.  Developed nations are most responsible for the current crisis, and developing nations are not too keen on slowing their development to help fix a problem they did not create.

Optimism has been further dimmed by an announcement from India on Friday.  Jairam Ramesh (pictured above with Hillary Clinton), the Indian government minister, denies previous scienfitic findings on the melting of Himalayan glaciers.  “We have to get out of the preconceived notion, which is based on western media, and invest our scientific research and other capacities to study Himalayan atmosphere,” he said.

Scientific consensus is but a preconceived notion of western media?  The owner of the Weather Channel is stoked.

Unfortunately for ski towns, it’s just more foot-dragging.  We now must wait for India-centric studies to confirm what is already overwhelming scientific consensus.  Or is it simply deal posturing on the part of India to place more of the costs on developed nations?  Has Mr. Ramesh and India really joined the conspiracy theory movement in calling global warming a “scam”?

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