JP Auclair in Africa Makin’ a Difference

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on July 24, 2009 5:21 pm

Time-lapses from last week. from Alpine Initiatives on Vimeo.

JP Auclair has launched a new website for his Alpine Initiatives.  Through this charitable project JP dedicates much of his summers to social and environmental causes.  Example?  Currently Alpine Initiatives has teamed up with International Peace Initiatives to build the first Amani Community Home, an orphanage in Kenya.  An AIDS panedmic in Africa has left over a quarter-million children homeless.  An entire generation of children have lost their parents to AIDS.

Hello from Kenya,

I’m writing to invite you to check out Alpine Initiatives’ new web site. It’s been online for about a week but we officially launched it today. We’re already in Africa, working on the same project we started last October and this year you’ll be able to follow our progress through journal entries, as internet is becoming more accessible in Kenya.

We need your help to raise money! (25 Gs to be exact!) Please log on!, make a donation through the Pay Pal link and try to convince as many people as possible to do the same. We’ll reach our goal if 1250 people make a $20 donation. Mikey, Lisa and I will be working on the Amani Community Home for children orphaned by Aids/HIV for the next five weeks and if we can raise all the money needed to complete the project, the kids will start moving in in mid-August, just in time the school year.

100% of the donations are used to hire local workers and buy the materials needed for the home and garden.

Time is precious at this point and although I didn’t write to each one of you personally, I carefully chose who I sent this email to based on who I knew I can count on. YOU can help us make a huge difference in these kids lives.

Thank you for your time.


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