Lance Armstrong Plants Roots in Aspen

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 24, 2009 8:10 am

Lance Armstorng who is wooing television audiences with his return to cycling will be returning a different residence when his tour of duty is finished with the Tour de France.  He has just completely a near $10 million dollar home that locals say is nothing short of spectacular.  “Lance loves to be in the altitude for training, he loves being near his kids and he is assimilating into the community quickly,” said an Aspenite.  “I have spoken to him numerous times and it really seemed about the kids and biking, but he has really become a spokesperson for the community.  He is praising everything and making tons of new friends.”

Some people had mentioned that it was kind of funny that he dated Kate Hudson for a short time and now is going to be living near her.  Armstrong has spent a lot of time in Aspen in the past and trained there often.  He has raced the Leadville 100 in the past as well.  Armstrong has also indicated that Austin has changed a lot and the changes were part of his decision to make the move. 

Austins loss, Aspens gain.  Lance Armstrong a true over achiever and spectacular athlete.  Waiting for the great stories of people skiing with him this next winter.