Thieves Sweep Away Australia’s Winter Dreams

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 24, 2009 1:49 pm


The exciting fast paced olympic sport of Curling received another harsh setback today, when thieves in Australia stole a truck filled with the precious granite stones,  that are the basic requirement to the game. The theft has caused a massive disruption for the Australian teams training and outreach programs, as more than a third of the stones are now missing. Authorities are making pleas for the stones to be returned. 

“They are useless to anyone else except for us, apart from as a doorstop or propping up a coffee table,” curler Paul Meissner told the Associated Press.

“They might be valuable… but that won’t do you any good. They could sell them to the Canadians, but they’ve got their own rocks.”

Australia has only 150 of the granite stones required to play the game. Each rock cost a mere $400.00 (USD). The cost to replace the stolen stones, $23,000.00

Curing is an Olympic winter sport where players heave stones down a sheet of ice towards a target.

While it may not be as extreme as wing-suit base jumping or skiing down Chamonix. We at The Ski Channel feel for our winter brethren and their misfortune. For no sport big or small, should ever have to deal with theft, of any equipment. Hopefully the stones will return, so they may once again slide down the ice in their glorious fashion.