Update: Nike to Return Tapes of LeBron James Being Dunked On

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 24, 2009 6:09 pm

The Ski Channel originally reported late Tuesday night that the tape that contained dunk heard ’round the world, a.k.a the jam that Xavier University’s Jordan Crawford slammed on NBA MVP LeBron James, was caught on a cell phone video and was going to be released.  Well, now that the footage has become an internet sensation, Nike says that it is going to give back the tapes to the two accredited journalists who shot the footage originally. 

The dunk occurred at an academy that Nike was running, and they initially took the tapes because of media guidelines saying that no pickup games would be filmed.  In a statement released by Nike, the company said that it did not take the footage because James was dunked on, it was simply because of the aforementioned guidelines.

And, it turns out, the dunk wasn’t even that spectacular! If you do want to see something spectacular, check out “It’s Fantastic,” which is currently airing on The Ski Channel.