Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 25, 2009 7:19 am


Christian Maurer (SUI3) has just passed the Matterhorn turnpoint.  
Supporter Thomas Theurillat led Maurer over dangerous glacial terrain. “It is really flat up here. I had to push him from the side to help him take-off like a winch launch!” reports Theurillat, who is a mountain guide.
“I’m at 3500 m but it’s like a beach – I’m wearing T shirt and shorts!” he continued.
Although Live Tracking shows Maurer resting, I’ve just spoken to his supporter who is watching him flying. Live Tracking works from the speed that each athlete travels – if he’s in a headwind flying really slow, it might show the athlete hiking or resting instead of flying.
“My car’s in Italy, so I’d better go” said Theurillat, before ringing off. Check back with us the the very best in year round mountain sports.