Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 25, 2009 7:10 am


A brilliant paragliding day greeted athletes on day seven of the Red Bull X-Alps.
Ten of the top twelve athletes were airborne this afternoon. Race leader Christian Maurer (SUI3) was 500 km down course, trying to find a good spot to launch his paraglider towards the Matterhorn.
But despite the good flying weather, nerves are still taut. Aidan Toase (GBR1) was lying in fifth place, but he got leap-frogged by a group.
His supporter Charlie Merrett reported, “It’s so stressful being a supporter watching your athlete trying to climb out while four gliders cruise over his head.”
He continued, “I feel like an overly-competitive dad screaming from the touchline on sports day: Come ON Aidan!”
Alex Hofer (SUI1) was also sweating it, circling low over Andermatt at 14:30 hrs, trying to close the lead on Maurer.
Yesterday Toma Coconea (ROM) lost control of his glider and threw his reserve parachute late in the afternoon. Coconea landed unhurt in a tree. Rescue services helped him out. Both his paraglider and reserve parachute need replacing – but he was off running straight away! He was also paragliding today.
Raul Penso (VEN) was disqualified after inadvertently flying into controlled airspace at Bozen, Italy, yesterday. Check in with The Ski Channel for updates.