Obama, Gates, Cambridge to Meet on a Six Minute Ride

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on July 27, 2009 9:54 pm




As we are prone to do here at The Ski Channel, any time a heart-to-heart is needed, we arrange for a meeting at the best place possible: the chairlift.  The perfect setting for resolution is a slow, methodical rise in an amphitheatre of nature.

Arrangments have been made for President Obama, his friend Professor Gates, and Seargent Crawly to put their poles in one hand and take a seat.  The trio shall hop on a triple chair, Chair 23 at Mammoth Mountain, artisan Yanek Kunczynski’s masterpiece.

It’s 1,121 vertical-feet in six minutes.  A thousand plus of vertical to talk about the larger issue of race relations in 2009.  Six minutes because, gaging by the large fallout, Americans get riled up when talkin’ about race.  Six minutes because it’s a discussion we need to have.  Communication equals better understanding. 

So while the President, the professor, and the officer make their way to the mountain-top aboard Chair 23, we all collectively begin to lift our knuckles from the pavement.  Progress is slow and this is… just a six minute ride.

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