Perhaps They Did Meet on a Chairlift: Roger Goodell Conditionally Reinstates Michael Vick

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 27, 2009 2:36 pm

As The Ski Channel suggested last week, a chairlift would be the perfect place for Michael Vick and Roger Goodell to have their ominous meeting regarding Vick’s future in the NFL, following his 18-month prison sentence for running a dogfighting ring.  Well, perhaps this is where they did meet, as the Commish has just conditionally reinstated the troubled quarterback.  As soon as a team signs him, Vick can immediately take part in preseason practices, workouts, and meetings.  The soonest we will see him on the field for a game is the for the final two preseason games.

Many teams have already indicated that they do not want to sign Vick.  Goodell also said that he is considering fully reinstating him by the 6th week of the season, which is October 18th-19th.