Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 28, 2009 5:36 am



Christian Maurer (SUI3) looks set to rip up the record book as he flies south towards the sandy beaches of Monaco.
Maurer woke early and had 15 km under his belt before 7 AM. He’s currently paragliding, and reports weaker thermals than he’d expected. At 13:15 Maurer had just 99 km to travel to Monaco.
However, there’s often a strong southerly seabreeze and increasingly stable conditions as you get close to Mt Gros, the final turnpoint.
Factor in airspace constraints and the hills getting smaller and smaller, and race director Steve Cox predicts Christian Maurer won’t reach Mt Gros until late this evening.
If he arrives on the summit after sundown, his time will be stopped and he’ll wait the night on top then make the final flight down to Monaco tomorrow morning.
Behind him, Alex Hofer (SUI1) is 236 km from Monaco, but looks sure to claim second place.
A tight fight is happening for third position. Although Aidan Toase (GBR1) is ranked above Honza Rejmanek (USA) at the moment, the American is actually ahead, high-tailing it northwards out of the Matterhorn valley.
At the back of the field, Japan’s Matsayuki Matsubara (JPN2), stoic and unflinching to the end, has just been eliminated.
The tail-ender refused to stop walking until the very last, chasing Peter Vrabek (SVK) over 23km since early this morning. Matsubara covered 350km during the race.
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