Bernie Madoff Joins Foghat

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 29, 2009 9:20 am

Not!!!!  Lonesome Dave would be rolling over in his grave.

This week attorneys for some some of the victims wrestled Madoff to the ground and got 5 hours of Madoff honesty out of him.  Madoff, who used ski trips, ski resorts and ski slopes (see Laax and Zermatt as a couple of them) as a breading ground for attracting new investors as he hit the best resorts in the world and probably financed a high speed quad, a tram and a mountain village or two with his lavish trips, big entourages and excessive spending.  Sorry investors if we are are rubbing salt in the wounds with that run on sentence.

Out of the hours of spewing, Madoff said that he was able to fool people for so long because they never asked the simple questions.  What were those Bernie?  Mr. Madoff, are you swindling people to the point that they are going to commit suicide?  Mr. Madoff are you going to bankrupt charities and screw people out of their entire life’s earnings?

He also said that he knew he was going to get caught in 2000 and eventually his scam collapsed because he ran out of money.  Officials say that he has become a celebrity in jail.  Isn’t that nice! 

Bernie, we have an idea for you.  Watch the show Prison Break.