Eminem Warns Mariah Carey of Compromising Pictures and Voice Mails

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 31, 2009 12:39 pm


Six weeks ago Aspens Snow Queen Mariah Carey went on the offensive in her ongoing war of words with Eminem by releasing the single “Obsessed” and seeming to mock the rapper in the video version of the song. Yesterday, the Oscar-winning singer-songwriter (“Lose Yourself”) responded with the obscenity-laden song “The Warning.”

As one of the only printable lines of the song says, “I’m obsessed now?/ Oh, gee that’s supposed to be me/ In the video, with the goatee?Eminem goes on to describe intimate details of a long-ago liaison with Mariah Carey, to mock her husband of 16 months Nick Canon and to threaten the release of compromising pictures and voice mails of the songstress.

Mariah Carey has always prided herself on her songwriting abilities. In “Obsessed,” she wrote in a rap directed to Eminem ”Why are you so obsessed with me / Boy I wanna know / Lying that you’re sexing me/ When everybody knows / It’s clear that you’re upset with me.”

While Eminem has said that he and Carey were one-time lovers, she repeatedly has denied his claim. On his new album “Relapse” released in mid-May, Eminem referenced Carey and Cannon in a less-than-flattering light on the track “Bagpipes From Baghdad.” This newest track is not from that album but was released only online.