Freshen Up on a Preview from Level 1′s “Refresh”

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on July 31, 2009 4:20 pm

Again, we will refrain from calling them “Teasers” as these previews provide a needed Ski Fix during the long summer months when only our memories sustain us until the ski season starts anew. 

Josh Berman’s Level 1 Productions are set to release their 10th anniversary offering, Refresh.  Obviously after last year’s masterpiece “Turbo,” expectations are high. 

Check the preview above, not a teaser, as it gives needed ski RELIEF.

Arnaud Rougier
Aleksander Aurdal
Niklas Eriksson
Corey Vanular
Liam Downey
Stefan Thomas
Tanner Rainville
JF Houle
Wiley Miller
Mike Hornbeck
Ahmet Dadali
Tom Wallisch
Adam Delorme
Duncan Adams
Mike Riddle
Josh Bibby
Will Wesson
Jon Brogan
Henrik Harlaut
Phil Casabon

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