Hemp and Bamboo Ski Clothing the New Rage…You Bet They Are!

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on July 31, 2009 2:08 pm

When you are buying your new swanky Obermeyer or Spyder Jacket this ski season, the are a few flying critters (James Patrick Goose) who are breathing a sigh of relief as there is a definitive movement away from yanking all of the animals skin off and using it in ski jackets.  Woody Harrelson brokered deals abound in the industry and hemp is being used as well as bamboo as the new uber material in the ski and snowboard industry.

Yes Kung Fu Panda is going to play a role in keeping you warm this winter!  The Ski Channel salutes all the brands who are making this change as it is great for the environment (what we do to animals causes more harm to our environment than all of transportation combined.)

We couldn’t go through ever SKU to see all the brands that were doing it, but we would invite all those who are to let us know and we will profile your piece.