And The Ultimate Vegan Ski Food Is ???

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 2, 2009 10:26 pm

And the winner is … Cliff Bar!

Cliff bar is the ultimate vegan ski food.  It is healthy, it is vegan, its porrtable and everyone you buy is supporting a company that is incredibly environmentally focused.  Cliff bars are a product that nearly every ski resort in the country has in every restaurant, every ski shop, at base camps, mid mountain lodges, etc. (all cliff products are vegan except for the recovery drinks and mojo flavors)

It is easy to support a company whose 5 aspirations are:

  • sustaining our planet
  • sustaining our community
  • sustaining our people
  • sustaining our business
  • sustaining our brands

Check out that order…planet, community, people, business, brands!

Gary Erickson and company have really nailed their vision, their company and their product!

So a big Ski Channel high five to Cliff Bar and all they do for skiers, humanity and the environment!