Aspen and Vail Going to the Bears

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 2, 2009 5:46 pm

Aspen and Vail, two of the most prestigious ski resorts in the world and for that matter two of the most prestigious resorts in the world period are experiencing an uptick in the amount of bears visiting local garbage cans, garages and basically anywhere there might be a pickanick basket (Yogi Bear reference.)  The bears have gotten more and more conditioned over the years to find human food sources such as garbage cans that are becoming easier pickins than food in their natural habitat.

Said one local resident of Aspen, “the bears have always been coming into town at certain times of the year, but it does seem like they are a little more focused on finding new sources of food this season.  They walk right by people and go to the same places daily.”  Local officials are devoting more and more of their day to bear situations.  Similar reports have come out of numerous other Colorado Mountain Towns like Tellrude and Crested Butte.