Michael Phelps Needs Ski Suit

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 2, 2009 8:22 pm

When it was all over today at the Swimming World Championships in Rome, 43 World Records had fallen.  Included in the unhinging of swimming standards were events where even the 4th place finisher beat the previous record and others where journeymen swimmers that didn’t qualify for the last Olympics destroyed the previous mark.  If it sounds like something must be up, it is, there’s a new bodysuit that will in theory be outlawed by the “governing” body soon, but not until one of the purest of Olympic Sports is sliced and diced.  Phelps, not using the controversial suit still won 5 gold medals and set 3 world records.  A champion for Olympic sports, The Ski Channel hopes this is corrected quickly so the true champions can be celebrated appropriately.  And if Phelps, holder of 14 Olympic  Gold medals, wants to try his hands at a winter sport, we suggest cross country skiing and will do our best to make sure a level playing field.