Nissan Saves The World with Leaf

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 2, 2009 10:17 am

Nissan Motor’s today unveiled its Toyota Prius competitor, Leaf.  Leaf is going to make skiers and ski people rejoice as it is fully electric!  I say put a fake tank port on the side of the car and put a red circle around it with a line going through it.  The Leaf will be available in late 2010 in the states and in Europe and is planning to roll out 200,000 units a year until 2012 when it goes global.

Nissan Chief Executive, Carlos Ghosn said, “We celebrate today the start of a new chapter of our company’s life.”  He also said that he expects 10% of all autos on the road to be electric by 2020.  Someone please call Alexandra Paul and give her the news!  He also added that the biggest hurdle is production capacity.  Why did the world all see this coming, but the auto manufacturers didn’t?  Well congrats to Nissan for getting it now!

The Leaf is a 5 seater hatchback with a top speed of 75mph and a crusing range of 100 miles.  Salt Lake to the resorts – no problem.  Denver to the resorts – well…  It will cost about the same as a gasoline model outside of battery costs which are still fuzzy.

Big high five from the ski industry and The Ski Channel to Nissan!