Todd Palin’s Crash Detailed

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 2, 2009 10:47 pm

After we put a little information about Todd “are you staying together” Palin yesterday, we had a number of emails asking about the infamous crash.  So we thought we would provide a little info on it.

Back in February of 2008, Todd Palin current husband of Sarah Palin then age 43 was racing in the Tesoro Iron Dog Snowmobile Competition.  Palin was going along a trail with teammate Scott Davis when he rode over a barrel hidden beneath the snow.  It stopped his machine and threw Palin 70 feet in the air.  Yes you read that correctly – 70 feet.  He was immediately rushed to the Yukon River clinic in Galena where he was shortly cleared to finish with nothing much worse than some painful bruises. 

All competitors in the 2000 mile race are required to wear helmets and full body armor.  This certainly helped Palin.  Palin and Davis were previous winners of the Tesoro Iron Dog and were in 2nd place when Palin crashed.