Shane McConkey Tribute Ski Coming From K2

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on August 4, 2009 1:35 pm

In every conceivable way, Shane McConkey was an original.   A true renaissance man of the mountains.  Ski film star, check.   Ski Base jumper, check.  Wingsuit flyer, check.  

Revolutionary ski designer, big check.

Shane McConkey ushered in the biggest revolution in ski and snowboard design in over 30 years.  A truly outside-the-box thinker, McConkey battled ingrained “conventional wisdom” to introduce the rockered powder ski.  Now every ski and snowboard manufacturer has a rockered model in their line.

McConkey’s Pontoon ski of 2004 stands as the single greatest breakthrough in ski design since… well, if you’re not a “carver”, then since the first twin-tip ski, the Olin Mark IV from 1974.

Yes, the earth is not flat, and a rockered ski is better in powder.  As Shane put it, “I wanted to prove a point.”  So he mounted up a pair of jumping water skis from the 1970s, Stinger Graphites, and “ripped the hell out of ‘em down the mountain” in Matchstick’s film Focused.  K2 is set to release a limited edition Shane McConkey Ski this coming winter.  The design is that of his Pontoon, reverse-side cut and rockered.  The graphics are a celebration of the many faces and contributions of Shane McConkey.  

Most importantly, all net proceeds from the individually numbered skis will go to Shane’s family — Sherry his wife, and Ayla, his three-year-old daughter.

There will only 500 of these bad boys.  A collector’s item for sure, a tribute piece for all time, but first and foremost, they’re skis.  Rip the hell out of ‘em, down the mountain!

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