Yes Bode Miller Said This…

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 6, 2009 7:25 am

Bode Miller is one of the coolest dudes on the planet.  He spent his formative years without running water and electricity and walked miles everyday to ski at a local New Hampshire ski resort. A dedicated vegetarian, Bode also grew all the food he ate and is one of the most opinionated, outspoken people on the planet.  We combed the web and found some of his best work, enjoy!

“I always do the contrary of what my coaches tell me.”

“My goal is the same as every year – to not hurt myself.”

“I’m surprised it’s illegal.”

“He’s getting a little bit old for such a reaction.  He’s going to give himself a heart attack.”

“When I landed off that jump, I hooked an edge.  It was pretty abrupt.  I lifted my ski up and when I did that it kicked the tail in, and it was gone.  Obviously, the save was a good one – It’s hard to stay up when you lose a ski at that speed.”

“That was not ideal.  Those of you who know ski racing know it’s not faster to be on your butt, but it does add excitement.”

“There’s no logic to these rules.  I don’t even want to participate if it’s going to be like this.  It’s certainly not worth me allowing them to abuse their power.”

“If they don’t lift the fine I will quit the tour.  It makes no sense.  I want nothing to do with these people and the way they run the tour.”

“I only skied 10 seconds yesterday.”

“If you have ever tried to ski wasted – it’s not easy.”