Emma Watson Buys Ski Chalet and Might Actually Be a Witch

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 7, 2009 8:06 am

Emma Watson recently purchased a $1.4 million ski chalet in Meribel, France.  The Harry Potter star Hermione Granger has already earned over $20 million dollars in income from the cuddly little book turned into feature film series; and, now she is taking the path of the smart successful young actor by buying mountain real estate. 

Some also speculate she might have witchcraft in her bloodline.  According to a reputable ancestry website, Ms. Watson is a distant relative of Joan Playle of Essex County, England, a 16th-century English woman convicted of witchcraft in 1592.   Playle was unmarried which often was the nail in the coffin for witchcraft hunters, but she was not executed.  She was excommunicated from the Church of England. 

Indubitably she moved to France, Emma Watson’s country of birth, to hit the Chamonix ski resort known for its big steeps and spines.