Seat in Upright Position for Bruce Willis’ Airport for Soldier Mountain

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on August 10, 2009 3:34 pm

Bruce Willis submitted an application for an 8,500 foot runway, sizeable enough to be jet-friendly, in Camas County.  The airport would service Soldier Mountain ski area, of which Willis is a part owner.  Not so fast say supporters of Friedman Memorial Airport, an airport that services Sun Valley ski resort, but will soon be replaced.  The board that governs Friedman have been looking into new locations for the airport.

The original location is now out of the question, the FAA saying the proposed site does not pass the “hazard test.”   So, even though the Friedman board have not found an acceptable location for the new airport, they still are guarding what they perceive as their Idaho airspace.

Chairwoman of the group, Martha Burke sent a letter to the FAA asking that they (the FAA) heed any objections that the Friedman group would have for Bruce Willis’ proposed airport.  Burke says Willis’ airport could “adversely affect the safe and efficient use of airspace.”

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