Barbie Goes Vampire

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 11, 2009 11:20 am


Barbie has reached a new level. It was considered a milestone to develop an African-American Barbie doll…well, now they’ve gone inter-species on us by developing a vampire Barbie! Mattel announced they’re coming out with Twilight Barbie dolls. Joy. They’ve got “Barbie” Bella and “Ken” Edward. Photos of the dolls have been revealed already, and I’m disappointed to not see any pics of them in ski wear. I specifically asked Stephanie Meyer (Twilight author and doll designer) to dress them in some of those new hemp ski jackets I’m excited about. She sounded super stoked on the idea, but I guess she was just jerkin my chain. So what does a vampire Barbie doll offer? I don’t really see how these dolls will be any different from other Barbies, except for the fact that when you rip off the vampire Barbie’s head, it grows back. And then it eats you. Have fun kids!