Kelly Clarkson’s Ski Work-Out

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on August 11, 2009 4:57 pm

Tough to be in the Hollywood limelight when stars like the abominably anorexic Angelina Jolie are the standard to which women are measured.  Pardon, but I never dug the skin and bones look.  I like curves.  Amen.

Recently the bloggers have been criticizing Kelly Clarkson and her expanding waist line.  It’s also been reported that Clarkson was heavily photoshopped on the current cover of Self Magazine.

Well, Clarkson admits that she still eats chicken-fried steak.  But, the issue is that she lets the steak digest through her body, instead of the normal Hollywood actress routine of sending the steak out the same way it came.

Clarkson does exercise, which is important for mental health and works nicely on your physical health.  She likes the bootcamp type of workouts.  Well, Miss Clarkson, get up on some skis!  There is no better workout, and it is truly the most fun you can have clothed.  You can eat chicken fried steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and not put on a pound if you ski every day.

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