Sarah Palin Bombshell – Sort of Son In Law says Marital Problems Did It

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 11, 2009 9:24 pm

Sarah Palin and camp have denied that there was any truth to all the rumors about their marital problems. 

Cue Goofy Son In Law…Levi Johnston the father of Bristol Palin’s recent addition Tripp acknowledged that he thinks there are marital problems that led to the Sarah Palin stepping down.  The recent Kathy Griffin date and slim chance at spending Christmas Dinner at the Palins, (Sarah was going to kill a moose especially for the dinner)  went on record as saying that he also believes that Mrs. Palin is picking money (lecture circuit) over the community service gig she is leaving.  The hockey player also said that he didn’t believe infidelity was involved in the situation.

How does this impact Alyeska Ski Resort?  Well the Palins should have more time on their hands now.  Skiers visits will up!