Sun Valley Ski Resort Brings Out Past Olympians

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 11, 2009 9:04 pm

Sun Valley, the ski resort where Warren Miller became Warren Miller.  The ski resort where The Ski Channel Governator does his Governating and the ski resort where Kip Nelson throws America’s best parties is having an event to raise money for local skiers and snowboarders trying out for the Olympics.

Numerous Olympians will be on hand to support the new crop of potential Olympians.  Uber talented skier slash rock star, Bryon Friedman will the entertainment for the night.  Let’s just say that the brother can play and sing.  All kinds of blasts from the past will be there including Reggie Crist, Dick Fosbury, Date Fryberger and Smiths David Currier. 

The event is being put on by the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation.  Some of the local talent includes Graham Watanabe, Biche Rudigoz, Shane Cordeau, Kate Whitcob and Colin Rogers.

Good cause, should be a blast!