Woman Not Allowed to Snowboard, Attacks Mona Lisa!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 11, 2009 4:24 pm

At the esteemed Louvre Art Museum in France yesterday, a disturbed Russian woman thought it would be a great idea to chuck a ceramic cup at The Mona Lisa. The woman was apparently miffed at the French for not letting her snowboard down some sick slopes in Meribel (ranked 5th best snowboarding in the world). Well, actually, she was miffed they wouldn’t let her be a French citizen. But why attack The Mona Lisa? Wasn’t Leonardo DaVinci like, Italian or somethin? And honestly, who throws a ceramic cup? Honestly?  The painting is protected by bulletproof glass anyway, so it’s not like the cup did any damage. Duh. What did she think she could accomplish by tossing a cup at one of the most famous and revered paintings in the world? Gee, that’ll show those arrogant frog-leg-eating, cigarette smoking, beret wearing, Eiffel Tower loving (anymore stereotypical French jabs?) sissies who’s boss! The country isn’t taking any legal action, but the museum is. Good job hun. Class act. France=1 Russia=0.