Congratulations to the USA Surf Team

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 12, 2009 10:01 pm

According to the examiner the PacSun USA Surf Team did not disappoint Americans while in Costa Rica. USA brought home the gold! The Billabong ISA World Surfing Games held at Playa Hermosa were highly competitive, featuring 35 teams. Until now, the Americans had yet to win an overall gold medal at the games in a lengthy 13 years. 
The USA Surf Team promptly lived up to the American phrase “team to beat,” placing 5 of their 8 members into the three finals. Not only did the USA Surf Team overcome the rivalry presented by 34 teams, but the team overcame the challenge of a new coach. Less than one month ago, Ian Cairns assumed position as USA Surf Team’s coach. Another obstacle would be to come; it was the French.
In the Open Men’s heat, Jeremy Flores was like a French invasion. Favored Americans, Cory Lopez and Ben Bourgeois placed in the Open Men’s. In the Longboard round, Tony Silvagni caught the bronze while France turned out its second gold.
But, it was the American women who came to play the game at the ISA Games! At just 16, Courtney Conlogue drew from her experienced victory in Huntington at the US Open. Conlogue took the competition by storm with her backhand on the lefts. Unmatched by her opponents, Conologue’s points well near doubled others. Courtney Conlogue and fellow teammate, Sage Erickson forced the Frenchwoman to the bronze. In the end, while France presented some fierce surfing, the USA Surf Team took the overall gold.
Congratulations on behalf of The Ski Channel.