Where do Madonna’s Kids Ski?

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 12, 2009 3:12 am

Madonna always one to be able to make a headline while her husband no longer Guy Ritchie has always seemed more like the guy who you find sitting in a pub by himself at Noon are supposedly great parents.  They’re super great parents because they are getting their kids on skis early in life.

Rumors that there is some arm wrestling over whether the children are educated in the states or in London abound, so we will see where that one ends up.   So if Madonna was taking the kids skiing – where would she go….Vail, Telluride, Sun Valley, Mammoth Mountain?  We can’t answer that one, but we can answer the Guy Ritchie part of that equation as this winter Rocco and David Banda were treated to the best stuff that Pennsylvania has to offer.  Yes the Guy Ritchie sans Madonna family tore it up at Camelback Mountain Ski Resort in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

Rocco, age 8 was supposedly bombing fall lines with a ski instructor while David Banda, age 3 was content to hang with child care.  Way to get your kids skiing early Madonna Ritchies!  As for Guy Ritchie, he is a great skier, but didn’t get a whole lot of skiing in, because he was being a Dad.