Bachelorette Jillian Harris’ Bad Boy Contestant Wes Hayden Opens Up

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 13, 2009 5:27 pm

Wes Hayden, the “bad boy” of The Bachelorette recently made his feelings known about Jillian Harris and her allegedly cheating fiancee Ed Swiderski. Whilst partying it up in Austin, Texas with the other male contestants on the show, Wes revealed his doubts about the integrity of the show’s intentions.  “I have a hard time grasping that any of the show’s intentions are genuine,” he said. “If Jillian and Ed and their relationship is truly genuine, if she honestly came on the show looking for love and thought that she found it and then found out that it was all made up and Ed was cheating on her, then that’s awful.” Did Wes know during the filming of the show whether or not Ed was playing around? Apparently not, as he stated, “ I had no clue whether Ed had a girlfriend … while we were on the show. I really didn’t know about any of it..but if it’s true, I feel really bad for Jillian. I don’t know what to believe to be honest with you. I feel bad for Jillian and for Ed. But if in fact he was doing what everybody’s been saying, then man up and deal with it.” That’s right, Ed. If you are being fishy, man up! Don’t break the heart of our favorite snow bunny from Vancouver. Let’s hope this all works out for the best.