Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend Hailey Glassman to be Interviewed

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 13, 2009 11:59 am

Well, now that Jon Gosselin’s ex, Kate Major, had her 15 minutes of fame alongside Giulianna Rancic on E!, the producers think people want more Jon and Kate drama. So, they’ve set up an interview with Jon’s current girlfriend, Hailey Glassman. They’re hoping she can shed some light on the whole situation as she provides the other side of the story. Other side of the story? If she’s hoping to gain immunity from the public by sitting down with Giulianna for an hour, good luck! That poor family. Just leave them alone already. I hope the kids are young enough so this won’t affect them too much. Do you think this whole debacle will scar the kids forever? Let’s hope not. Maybe we can collaborate with the “Jon and Kate Plus 8″ franchise and film a show where some of our staff takes the 8 kids out for some ski and snowboard lessons. Those kids need some sort of therapeutic outlet, and what better way than going up into the mountains and learning how to use a pair of skis?