Judd Apatow New Ski Trip Films Stars…

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 13, 2009 10:38 am

Judd Apatow the film maker who kind of revived the “Animal House” and “Stripes” genre for this generation is now making a film about a ski trip that four girls take together after one of them gets dumped.  The Palisadian who lives next door to the offices of The Ski Channel has knocked the ball out of the park with films like Knocked Up, The 40-Year Old Virgin and now Funny People. 

So where do you think he is going to go for talent?  Guess he knows the penalty at home picking Jennifer Aniston for anymore starring roles as his wife Leslie Mann and Elizabeth Banks are set to star.  The ski film, we’ll call it a ski film is tentatively entitled “What Was I Thinking.”  No word on what lucky ski resort gets the nod although Mammoth Mountain obviously makes sense witht the drive proximity to Los Angeles.