Les Paul, Inventor of Electric Guitar, Dies

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 13, 2009 10:21 am

You all know how much better snowboarding down a

narly slope is when you’re cranking some rockin tunes on your iPod (wow, I sound cool). Well, if you’re ever listening to electric guitar, you have Mr. Les Paul to thank for that. Sadly, today Les passed away from complications due to pneumonia at White Plains Hospital. Les Paul invented the electric guitar as well as developing multitrack recording. That means that musicians today can record several instruments at different times, sing harmonies on top of themselves, and then go back and mix/balance it all later. Everybody does that.  If not for Les Paul, every recording you hear would sound like it was from the 1950′s. From 1949 to 1962, he earned 36 gold records and 11 hits that reached number 1 on the charts. After he turned 90, he won 2 grammys for Les Paul and Friends: American Made, World Played. The music icon lived a good long life and died at 94. He will be remembered forever. RIP.