Heidi Klum and Elle Macpherson in Name Catfight

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 14, 2009 9:09 am

Heidi Klum and Elle Macpherson are two of the hottest tatties ever to grace the globe.  They are also both ardent mountain sliders.  Elle Macpherson is a hardcore skier and has been coming to the Aspen ski resort since she was 17, while Heidi Klum prefers snowboard trips with her husband snowboarder to the uber Seal.

Well does the skis versus boards tug of war ever stop?  Not here.  Numerous sources are now confirming that there is trouble in River City.  Heidi has taken on the nickname “the body.”  They call me “the body” and now I have a bra named after me.,” said Klum.  Well guess who else used to be nicknamed “the body” – you guessed it, our favorite skier Elle Macpherson.  According to numerous sites, the Macpherson camp was not pleased.

We have the easy way to settle this.  Wet T-Shirt contest at The Ski Channel offices and we’ll vote for who gets to keep the name.