John Edwards Could Be Baby’s Daddy

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 14, 2009 9:57 am

Former Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards is rumored to be the father of an 18 month-old girl, according to reports today. The child’s mother is his ex-mistress, Rielle Hunter, with whom Edwards admits having an affair..

A grand jury has been investigating whether campaign funds were illegally used to buy Hunter’s silence. That is pretty ugly, if you ask us!

Apparently, Andrew Young, a former Edwards aide is capitalizing on the affair, and writing a book in which he’ll assert that Andrew Young Edwards is the baby’s father. Young had initially claimed paternity, which may have been a cover-up for his boss.

Edwards’ wife Elizabeth has definitely had her share of heartache and is staying out of the matter. She went on record with Oprah Winfrey and said she didn’t know who the girl’s father is, and when shown a picture of the baby, said she didn’t look like any of her children.