Angelina Jolie Being Chased by Quentin Tarantino?

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 15, 2009 10:00 am

Angelina Jolie, skier, hot Mom and Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort regular was the subject of a lot of chatter this week as the director of her husband, Brad Pitt’s latest film, Inglourius Basterds said that he now wants to work with Angelina.  Quentin Tarantino the film maker of Pulp Fiction and many other cool films also said he would like to work with them together. 

Pitt appears as Ltn Aldo Raine in Inglourius Basterds in what insiders are saying is a brilliant performance.  Pitt indicated that he would also like to work with Jolie again.  They met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Pitt and Jolie have somewhere between 20 and 30 children and are currently adding 1 new child per week.