BREAKING SKI NEWS: Skydiver Survives 2000 Foot Drop With Partial Canopy

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 16, 2009 9:57 am

From the wish something like this would have happened to Shane McConkey camp, Paul Lewis a Brittish Skydiver and Filmer was filming a women making her first jump.  At 3000 feet he deployed his chute and it failed.  So he pulled his reserve  chute at about 2000 feet and it only partially opened sending him into a rapid spiral. 

He landed on a steel airport hanger and as he slid off that, his chute got tangled up in something on the roof and kept him from falling off of the hanger which could have additionally caused his demise.

Had he fallen 10 feet in either direction, it would have been a concrete landing that he likely would not have gotten up from.  But instead he got up nearly unscathed.  Whether it is ski, snowboard, basejumping, sky diving, rock climbing – lets all remember this is dangerous stuff that doesn’t happen on the golf course.  Be Careful!