The Ski Channel’s Feature Films: A Bridge to Opening Day

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on August 17, 2009 5:43 pm

As a bridge from the bare slopes of August to the joyous opening day at your favorite ski area, it’s The Ski Channel feature film line-up.  Unlike the major networks, nothing gets cancelled or moved to a different time slot.  This is V.O.D., video on demand.  Watch it when you need it most!   These top-of-the-shelf feature films are here for you, 24-hours-a-day.  Watch and imagine the turns you’ll be making right around Thanksgiving time.

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First Descent

Only available on The Ski Channel, First Descent tells the story of the snowboarding revolution through its multi-generational superstars of the sport.  The cinematography is mind-blowing, as is Travis Rice’s narrow escape of an avalanche death.  It’s the history of snowboarding, from where it came to where it is today.

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Hand Cut

Sweetgrass productions burst onto the scene with this, their first film.  Conveying the religious experience of sliding down the mountain, Sweetgrass make films that are pure skiing Zen, capturing the simple, yet profound love of skiing and boarding that we all share.  Nick Waggoner, Sweetgrass’s creative genius, has taken the ski film genre in entirely new directions.  This is special stuff.

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The Ripple Effect  &  Mountain Town

“Mountain Town” has become an underground mountain-culture classic.  The spiritual experience of living in a mountain town is told through the lives of 11 very different Aspen locals.  “Mountain Town” conveys the wonder and gratitude felt by those living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

“The Ripple Effect” will remind everyone why skiers and boarders flock to Aspen in the first place: the terrain.  Five local luminaries — including Chris Davenport, Gretchen Bleiler, and the late snowboarder Wallace Westfeldt who died during a shoot for his segment in this film — all are captured on the incredible terrain in and around Aspen during the monster Winter season of ’07-’08.

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License to Thrill  &  The Blizzard of Aahhh’s

It’s the movies that launched the career of Glen Plake and inspired a generation of freeskiers, notably Shane McConkey, to become ski film stars.   Greg Stumps’ classic films highlight the personalities of its skiers in all their rebellious glory.  More importantly, it told the upcoming generation of ski dreamers that, yes, you could make a living starring in ski films and not have to go chasing gates.  Both of these films are Greg Stump classics, and important point-of-references for anyone who wants to talk the lingo of our shared history.



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En Route  &  Hunting Yeti

Applaud Nimbus films for the inclusive nature of their films.  Watch Nimbus films for their beautiful perspective on skiing and ski culture.  “Hunting Yeti” searches for the piece of mind and serenity that being in nature and the mountains with your friends provides, away from the crazy, fast-paced world. 

“En Route” for the non-French speaking patrons, simply means “on the way.”  And as any ski addict knows, a big part of the fun is just getting there, along with the preparation and ritual before another beautiful ski day.  From Japan to Austria to back home here in the States, follow the Nimbus crew on their journeys to the mountain and watch their incredible exploits on the mountain!

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