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Spanning the globe…  Yep, that cliche has already been used countless times, but it could not be more appropriate than what we have for you with The Ski Channel’s original programming.  We’ve traveled from Japan to Jamaica, back home to Salt Lake City and Mt. Hood, and on up to Whistler as they ready for the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Sorry, you can’t have our frequent flyer miles, but you can watch where we’ve been and what we’ve uncovered. 

Rather than take you on a spastic, global journey that will leave your head spinning, let’s take a look at one of the placesThe Ski Channel has spent a lot of time, over 20 shoot days to be exact.  Where is The Ski Channel spending all this time you wonder?  Well it’s the amazing West Coast Ski Area that has some of the deepest snow and longest ski season in the world…  Mammoth Mountain.

The name may say it all, but that did not stop us from adding to the legend.  We spent  lots of the winter at Mammoth because Mammoth in the winter is where ski and snowboard stars hone their skills.  It takes a mountain the size of Mammoth to challenge the mammoth size skills of snow sports’ best.  In their element, on one of the greatest mountains on the entire globe, here’s who and what we corralled at Mammoth to bring to you, the mountain addict.

Simon Dumont
The show is “Moguls”, our interview show with those who shaped mountain sports.  No doubt, Simon Dumont has done some serious shaping.  We sat down with Simon at the Red Bull House in Mammoth and decided that Simon and Tanner Hall are the Magic Johnson and Larry Bird of freestyle skiing. Dumont is a fierce competitor, a total winner, and one of the most influential skiers of all time.  A candid interview, Dumont shares his life story, an incredible journey from Bethel, Maine to X Games superstardom.

Salomon Jib Academy 2009

Every Spring in April, Mammoth Mountain becomes the site of the Salomon Jib Academy.  It’s an academy like no other.  The professors are a collection of the greatest terrain park skiers on the planet: Simon Dumont, Bobby Brown, Nick Martini, and Sammy Carlson.  The dean of the festivities is none other than Mike Douglas, the godfather of freestyle.  Young groms from all over North America, Japan and beyond come to hit the world class terrain parks at Mammoth Mountain while getting tips from their heroes.  It truly is a heart-warming event.  That is until Simon Dumont gets the campers on the soccer field, where he shows no mercy for the casual player.  Nick Martini provides the brilliant comedic play-by-play. 

While the Academy was in session, we stole a few of the professors — Sammy Carlson, Nick Martini, and Bobby Brown — to sit down with us at Tusks Bar, Mammoth Mountain’s awesome Apres Ski spot, for episodes of “Moguls”.

Destination Travel: Mammoth Mountain

It’s good that we wash our hands here at The Ski Channel, otherwise all our germs would be spread over every inch of Mammoth.  An exclusive insider’s guide to the ultimate experience at Mammoth Mountain.  Explore California’s premier winter resort through this captivating, timeless visual experience.  The Ski Channel upgrades you to the front of the line where Mammoth’s legendary lines, infamous hot springs, first class cuisine, and historical howitzers await you.  Put your feet up, grab your favorite Mammoth Mountain brew, and enjoy discovering (or reliving) the many adventures of Mammoth Mountain.

West Coast Invitational & Rail Jam 2009

Each May, the best pipe riders and rail sliders in the country head to Mammoth for a whole lot of fun and serious prize money.  Dan Brisse was crowned Pipe Jam Champion and walked away with 10k, while Johnny Lazz paid for his future children’s college education, pocketing 25k.  The weather may not have cooperated this year, but the smiles were irrepressible.  Mammoth will do that to you…

Mammoth Mountain Invitational 2009

An incredible event benefiting the Mammoth Center for Excellence, the Mammoth Mountain Invitational was akin to the beautiful night time sky of Mammoth.  It was filled with stars.  U.S. Ski Team stars, stars from TV and film, and stars in the political realm, all made the inaugural Mammoth Mountain Invitational a total success.

The U.S. Alpine Ski Team

When the rest of the slopes across North America were bare, Mammoth was still boasting a base of 15 feet!  No wonder then that every year the U.S. Men’s and Women’s alpine ski teams come here to train.  Erik Fisher, Jake Zamansky, Stacey Cook, and a host of America’s best worked on refining their skills in preparation for 2010 and their shot at Olympic glory.  We got the inside scoop and an up close look at the hard work it takes to become a champion.

The Ski Channel’s Favorite Lifts: Chair 23 at Mammoth Mountain

Like a work of art, the meaning of Chair 23 is completely subjective.  To some it is intimidating, daunting.  Others see endless happiness.  Its meaning can be of the symbolic nature.  A rite of passage.  Chair 23, as all great art does, demands a response.  Check out one of our favorite lifts, the iconic Chair 23 at Mammoth Mountain.

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