Have You Met, U.S. Alpine Snowboarders?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 18, 2009 1:53 pm

Have you met Ted?

If I was Barney Stinson, helping my best friend find true love at our favorite bar – I’d definitely walk up to the U.S. Alpine Snowboarding Team (that is conveniently at the same bar) and ask the legendary, foolproof introductory question.



If you haven’t met the U.S. Alpine Snowboarding Team, suit up!



He describes himself as “Dazed and Confused”.  More like, superhuman and equipped.  Adam Smith broke his back twice, most recently during the 2002 Olympic qualifiers.  Thankfully, the combination of his superhuman strength and competitive spirit prepared Smith to ride once more. 

Decorated with seven top-twenty finishes this past season, Smith ignites the Olympic desire amongst his teammates and within himself.

Adam started skiing when he was but two years old, and first tested out snowboarding at ten years old.  The switch set him on the path to Worlds:

2007 Worlds – 12th PSL

2005 Worlds – 4th PGS

2003 Worlds – 20th PSL

2001 Worlds – 19th PGS

All systems go for Adam Smith.






Justin Reiter, make sure you thank your Mother for strapping you into a pair of “teeny little red skis” at eighteen months old.  One Christmas Day, a Burton Performer Elite was unwrapped and made Justin’s Christmas wish come true.  After begging and begging for a snowboard, Justin’s stepfather saved the day – and apparently Christmas.

He plans on pursuing a career he finds “challenging, eco-friendly, creative, and unique”.  Next stop, Vancouver?  Justin may have been describing a career other than his snowboarding career, but snowboarding can certainly fall into each of those categories.  With the success of his 2008 season, landing a podium finish at the final World Cup stop in Italy, you can guarantee we’ll see a lot more from Justin Reiter in the near future. 

Justin once said, “Any day shredding with friends when there is fresh snow in Steamboat and Crested Butte is the best. No competitions, no clocks, no coaches just plain old fashioned shredding”.

Enjoy your snowboarding now.  You can always shred with friends and get one of those career thingys later.






For Boston, for Boston,
We sing our proud refrain!

I won’t finish the Boston College “Fight Song”, but Tyler Jewell once did.  At least he should have – I hope the BC Alum is a true SuperFan.

Tyler Jewell left the professional snowboarding world to pursue a degree at Boston College in the late Nineties.  Upon graduating, he jumped on his board missing the 2002 Olympic cut.  Determined and motivated, Tyler was the only man who represented the U.S. in alpine racing at the 2006 Olympics. 

He describes himself as “relentless”.  See what the relentless Tyler Jewell has recently been upto with Graham Watanabe.






Scoring five Junior World Championship Teams in ’98, ’99, ’01, ’02, and ’03, Michelle Gorgone decided to quit and move on from snowboarding.  Hardly the case, instead Michelle made the leap to the World Cup and 2006 Olympic Team.

The Bostonian and self-proclaimed karaoke queen (we’ll have to check into this), is a graduate of the Waterville Valley snowboarding program and now resides in Colorado.  Michelle can walk the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club proud with these acheivments under her belt:

2007 Worlds – 18th PSL, 13th PGS

2006 Olympics – 22nd PGS


Thanks for suiting up to meet the U.S. Alpine Snowboarding “A” Team!


Have You Met:  ADAM SMITH

(Don’t be awkward and pretend like you didn’t, be confident and click his link again.  No judgement.)