U.S. Freestyle Ski Team Mogul Skiers Get Dumped On in Chile

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 18, 2009 12:15 pm

It’s dumping snow in Chile. The U.S. Freestyle Bumpers have been skiing tons of fresh powder in El Colorado. The athletes also train at Valle Nevado, resort, and together, the two ski areas make up the largest skiable surface in South America.

Their mogul training has been halted, slightly by the massive amounts of snow. 2002 Olympic silver medalist Shannon Bahrke reported that she thought they received about six feet of powder since their arrival. World Cup winner Hannah Kearney reported that there was powder… again… and that she wasn’t sure she knew how to ski it. (Um, even though Kearney’s a Vermont native, we’re pretty sure she knows how to ski the pow.)

Stay tuned for more updates from the freestyle athletes, as we connect with them for Skype interviews.

The Alpine U.S. Ski Team squad is set to visit Portillo in early September.



photo: Hannah Kearney