Black Bear Breaks In Aspen Home And Mike Tyson’s Homeowner

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 19, 2009 7:20 am

Aspen Ski Resort:  A black bear broke into unlocked french doors (once again the French are involved) at 10:10PM on Monday night and had a mild MMA style, bare knuckle, cage match with the female homeowner trying to shoo the bear out… note to self.  116 lb woman / 600lb bear – shoo with bullhorn from neighbors house.

By the time police arrive, the bear was out and likely already skiing Ajax.  Someone did report a bear skiing on new Salomon twin tips skis down Jackpot with an accomplice named Boo Boo who was wearing a hat.  But seriously folks, the bears were here first and they only come in houses because of food or trash.  Be smart about it and don’t leave fresh baked pies in the window.  Officials stated that this particular house had no visible food or trash, but likely the bear was conditioned to break in because of other houses he or she had broken into in the last few days.  The bear will likely be killed now when officials find it. 

Aspen and the Aspen Ski Resort are two of the most progressive entities in the world fighting for environmental issues and for aggressive campaigns to educate its citizens on living in bear country.